Collect trustable and
high-quality data across your digital or marketing analytics platforms by implementing datalayer and tag manager solutions.

Analytics Strategy

Deploy a new end-to-end analytics strategy or improve existing analytics ecosystem within your organization in line with your business strategy.


Optimise the landing pages or sales funnels by understanding user behavioron your applications & personalizing thier experience.

BI Dashboards

Create a single source of truth dashboard for your teams, by validating the data touch points and integrating data sources from multiple online or offline channels.

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Provide support to our in-house teams

Digitxl team can provide a comprehensive audit report on your existing data collection, data integrity, governance, and reporting setup. Get your free consultation today!

Reduce your team's effort to pull data or insights from multiple data sources & create a single source of truth BI dashboard for your business.

Understand the marketing media attribution between online & offline channels, ensuring your business is making informed investment decisions.

Get a trained on-demand resource for your team to ensure your projects are delivered on time. Our on-demand resourcing service helps businesses to reduce recruitment costs and secure unique talent, which can deliver results from day 1.

Increase our loyal customers

Our SEO consultants are can help you create a unique strategy to improve your organic traffic and ensure that the users are converting once they land on the website.

Our analysts are trained to use market-leading platforms like Google Analytics & Adobe Analytics, which can help you to optimise the sales funnel conversions, and reduce funnel dropouts and create optimised landing pages.

Talk to our consultants today to plan and execute the best personalisation strategy for your business. Deliver personalised experience and messaging to your customers, helping you to improve your customer retention, NPS feedback scores and loyalty.

Create and implement high-performing retargeting campaigns that can increase your customer lifetime value and marketing performance. Reach out to your customers at the right time through the right channels.

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Analyse, Optimise and Evangelise are the three pillars that define us as a team.

We are a boutique agency that believes in taking challenges and finding innovative solutions for our clients. We live and breathe digital. If you think you are one of us, please fill the Careers form to join us in this journey.


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