10 Proven Ways to Boost Your Conversion Rate, AOV, and Revenue!


September 5 2023

Welcome to the world of online business, where the race to win over customers and increase profits never stops. If you’re a business owner looking to up your game in Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO), you’re in for a treat. We’ve got 10 incredible tips and tricks that will not only spark your interest but also supercharge your online success! 

1. Master the Art of A/B Testing

Tip: Don’t just stop at buttons and headlines. Test everything from your website’s homepage, layout, CTAs to your checkout process.


A/B testing is like the compass that guides you through the uncharted planes of CRO. It’s not just about changing button colours or tweaking headlines; it’s about perfecting your entire website to maximise conversions. According to our Analytics Partners – Adobe, companies that perform A/B testing can expect to see a 10-20% increase in their conversion rates. That’s a substantial boost for your bottom line!

2. Make It Mobile-Friendly

Did you know that mobile e-commerce sales are predicted to reach a whopping $8.23 trillion by 2028? It’s no surprise, given how glued we are to our smartphones. Having a mobile-friendly website isn’t just an option anymore; it’s a must.


Google’s Mobile-First Indexing makes it even more critical, as mobile-optimised sites rank higher in search results. Ignoring mobile users could cost you valuable conversions and revenue.

3. Improve Page Load Speed

Tip: Compress images/videos/gifs and use browser caching to reduce load times.


Amazon found that for every 100 milliseconds of improvement in load time, their sales increased by 1%. You pages, especially the homepage should load completely within the first 3 seconds. The lesson here is clear: faster websites equal higher conversions. Slow-loading pages frustrate users, makes them distrust your website and drives them away. Tools like Google PageSpeed Insights can help you identify areas for improvement.

4. Craft Irresistible Product Descriptions

Surprisingly, 87% of online shoppers consider product content extremely or very important when deciding to buy. Don’t treat product descriptions as an afterthought. They play a pivotal role in convincing your customers to hit that “Buy” button. A great product description addresses your customers’ needs, highlights the benefits, and tells a compelling story.


Use persuasive language and consider adding user-generated content, like reviews, social proof and testimonials, to build trust. In the product information, provide clear instructions on how to use the product, purchase safety guarantees, etc to ensure the safety of their purchase. 

5. The Magic of Exit-Intent Popups

Want to rescue potentially lost sales? Enter exit-intent popups like a discount or freebie, will help you regain the attention of your customers.


These little saviours in the form of pop-ups appear when a visitor is about to leave your site, offering a tempting deal or discount for the customer in order to persuade them to continue shopping. You can also add elements of personalisation, for example, a product the customer has previously viewed and loved, a section of your website the customer may find interesting, a section that hosts secret deals and so on.. 

6. Simplify the Checkout Process

The average cart abandonment rate across industries is a staggering 69.57% as found in recent studies. With so many options on the internet, if your website is not among the top performing ones in functionality and aesthetically, visitors will leave even before browsing. 


A complicated checkout process can be a conversion killer. Reduce friction by streamlining your checkout process to as few steps as possible. Implement guest checkout options, auto-fill forms, and progress indicators. Every extra click is a chance for your customer to abandon their cart.

7. Leverage Social Proof

Tip: Display real-time purchase notifications to create a sense of trust. Display what your previous customers thinks about the product 


We are social creatures, and we tend to follow the crowd. Incorporating social proof elements like reviews, ratings, and real-time purchase notifications can work wonders for your conversions. In recent researches, displaying reviews has increased conversion rates by as much as 270%.

8. Personalise the User Experience

Today’s customers expect a personalised shopping experience. Take a look at major brands like Amazon, eBay and Woolworths, they will have sections in their websites that are specifically recommended for you based on your interests, gender, place you live, activities you like to do or your previous purchases. They will also highlight special deals curated just for you. 


Utilise data-driven personalisation to recommend products based on a customer’s browsing and purchase history. Personalised emails, product recommendations, and even personalised landing pages can significantly impact your AOV and conversion rates.

9. Create Urgency and Scarcity

Want to make customers act fast? Inject a dose of urgency and scarcity. Whether it’s a countdown timer for a limited-time offer or a “Only 5 left in stock” message, these tactics create a sense of urgency that can push hesitant shoppers into action. You can even consider emails similar to cart abandonment saying the product they love is going to be out of stock soon. You can also develop a sense of nostalgia by presenting your customers with a limited edition product that resonates emotional value for a customer, for example, a 90s themed, classic rock t-shirt in relation to your niche products that most of us would love to have. 

10. Keep on Optimising

Believe it or not, only 22% of businesses are happy with their conversion rates. So, don’t rest on your laurels thinking this is the best you can get and blame it on the market or your niche. CRO is an ongoing journey. Regularly analyse your data, gather user feedback, and stay updated on industry trends. What works today might not work tomorrow, so stay proactive in maintaining and boosting your conversion rates, AOV, and revenue.



So, what do we know, what have we learnt? 


These 10 CRO tips and tricks are your golden ticket to higher conversion rates, a boosted average order value, and increased revenue. Remember that CRO is not a one-time thing; it’s a continuous and cyclic process of improvement and perfection. 


By mastering A/B testing, embracing mobile optimisation, speeding up your website, crafting compelling product descriptions, using exit-intent popups, simplifying your checkout process, leveraging social proof, personalising the user experience, creating urgency and scarcity, and consistently analysing and optimising, you’ll set the stage for online success.


Your journey to online business success begins right now!

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