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10 Strategies for Increasing Online Sales: A Guide for E-commerce Business Owners

31 Jul 2023

1. Introduction

As an e-commerce business owner, you understand that boosting online sales is essential for your company’s success. However, with so much competition in the digital marketplace, standing out and increasing your revenue can be tough.

With over 15 years of expertise in the e-commerce market, we’ve compiled the most efficient tactics for increasing sales and client base. These tactics are not only simple to apply but they have also been shown to deliver results.

Our guide covers all of the basic techniques for improving your online presence and converting more people into paying clients, from optimising your website to developing compelling social media content. You’ll know how to:

  1. Improve the user experience on your website to generate more sales.
  2. Increase customer loyalty by using personalised email marketing.
  3. Make use of social media to reach a larger audience.
  4. Create interesting product descriptions that entice people to purchase.
  5. Implement a loyalty program for retaining loyal customers.
  6. To encourage larger orders, provide free shipping.
  7. Improve your checkout process to decrease cart abandonment.
  8. Utilise consumer reviews to increase trust and credibility.
  9. To promote happiness and loyalty, provide exceptional customer service.
  10. Analyse your sales data to uncover opportunities for growth.

2. Now let’s dive into each of these strategies in more detail:

3. Improve your website’s user experience

Your website is like the face of your business online. It’s the first thing people see when they visit your site, and it’s important to make a good first impression. If your website is hard to use or doesn’t look good, people might not want to buy anything from you. That’s why it’s important to make sure your website is easy to use and looks great.

Design and layout:

One of the most important things to focus on when improving your website’s user experience is the design and layout. You want your website to look good and be easy to navigate. Use high-quality images and videos to show off your products and make them look as good as possible. Make sure your website is easy to navigate so people can find what they’re looking for quickly.

Fast loading speed

Another important thing to consider is how fast your website loads. People don’t want to wait around for your website to load, and if it takes too long, they might leave without buying anything. Use tools like Google PageSpeed Insights to test your website’s loading speed and make improvements as needed.

Mobile optimisation

More and more people are using their smartphones to shop online, so it’s important to make sure your website is optimised for mobile devices. Use responsive design to make sure your website looks good on any device, and make sure the checkout process is easy to use on mobile devices. This will make it easier for people to buy things from your website, no matter where they are.

“Optimising your website for conversions is key to increasing online sales. We’ve seen a 25% increase in conversions since we made changes to our website design and user experience.” – Neil Patel, co-founder of Crazy Egg and Hello Bar.

5. Boost your sales with targeted email marketing

Email marketing is a way to promote your products or services through email. It’s a powerful tool that can help you increase your sales and revenue.

Why is targeted email marketing important?

Targeted email marketing is important because it allows you to send personalised offers and promotions to specific customer segments. By doing this, you can entice them to make a purchase and increase your revenue.

Build a targeted email list

To build a targeted email list, you need to use customer data to segment your email list based on factors like past purchases, browsing behaviour, and demographics. This will allow you to send targeted emails that are tailored to the specific needs and interests of each customer segment.

Creating effective emails

When creating your emails, make sure they are visually appealing and have a clear call to action. Use compelling subject lines and preview text to encourage customers to open your emails, and include high-quality images and videos to showcase your products. Finally, make sure your emails are optimised for mobile devices so that customers can easily read and respond to them on their phones.

According to HubSpot, personalised emails have a higher open rate of 29% compared to non-personalised emails, which have an open rate of 17.6%.

6. Leverage social media to boost sales

Social media is a great way to increase your online sales. By using social media, you can promote your products and interact with your customers, which can help drive traffic to your website and increase your revenue.

Engaging with your customers

It’s important to engage with your customers on social media. Respond to comments and messages promptly, and encourage customers to share their experiences with your brand. This can help build a loyal following and increase your customer base.

Promotions and giveaways

Social media is also a great way to run promotions and giveaways. This can help generate buzz and increase your following. Make sure to follow the rules and guidelines of each platform when running promotions and giveaways.

Pro-tip: Influencer marketing is a powerful tool for businesses to reach their target audience and increase brand awareness. By utilising data and a strategic approach, you can effectively retarget users across various marketing channels and achieve your marketing goals.

7. Create compelling product descriptions

Why product descriptions matter

When you’re trying to sell something, the way you describe it can make a big difference. If you don’t describe your product well, people might not understand what it is or why they need it. That’s why it’s important to write great product descriptions that make people want to buy what you’re selling.

Highlight the benefits

One way to write a great product description is to focus on the benefits of your product. Benefits are the things that your product can do for the customer. For example, if you’re selling a backpack, the benefits might include things like:

– Lots of pockets to keep your things organised
– Comfortable straps that won’t hurt your shoulders
– Durable material that can withstand lots of wear and tear

When you’re writing your product description, make sure to highlight these benefits majorly relating to the customer’s pain points. More often when we talk about highlighting the benefits, we also mean focusing on presenting the solutions to the customer. Use persuasive language to explain why your product is better than others on the market.

Show your product in action

Another way to make your product description more compelling is to show your product in action. This means using high-quality images and videos to demonstrate how your product works. For example, if you’re selling a backpack, you might include a video of someone travelling with your backpack. This will help customers to visualise how your product works and how they can benefit from it.

8. Implement a loyalty program

A loyalty program is a way for businesses to reward their customers for their loyalty. It’s a program that offers incentives and rewards to customers who make repeat purchases, refer friends, and engage with the brand on social media.

Why should you implement a loyalty program?

Implementing a loyalty program can help you keep your existing customers and increase their lifetime value. When customers feel appreciated and rewarded for their loyalty, they are more likely to continue shopping with your brand.

Offer valuable rewards

Make sure the rewards you offer are valuable and relevant to your customers. For example, if you own a coffee shop, offer free coffee after a certain number of purchases. If you own a clothing store, offer a discount on a future purchase.

Make it easy to redeem rewards

Make sure it’s easy for customers to redeem their rewards. You don’t want to make the process too complicated or time-consuming. Consider using a mobile app or online platform to make it easy for customers to track their rewards and redeem them.

Gather Customer Feedback

Use your loyalty program to gather customer feedback and insights. Ask customers to fill out surveys or leave reviews in exchange for rewards. This feedback can help you improve your products and services over time.

10. Offer free shipping

Free shipping is when a company offers to ship a product to a customer without charging any extra fees. This means that the customer only has to pay for the product itself and nothing more.

Offering free shipping can be a great way to motivate customers to make a purchase. When customers see that they can get free shipping, they may be more likely to buy something from your company. This can help increase your sales and revenue.

How to offer free shipping

There are a few different ways to offer free shipping. One way is to offer it on orders over a certain amount. For example, you could offer free shipping on orders over $50 AUD. Another way is to offer free shipping on certain products or promotions. For example, you could offer free shipping on all in-season products for a limited time.

The cost of free shipping

Offering free shipping can be expensive for a company. However, there are ways to offset the cost. One way is to increase the prices of your products slightly. Customers are often willing to pay a little more for products if they know they’re getting free shipping

11. Provide excellent customer service

To provide excellent customer service, you need to be responsive to customer inquiries and concerns. Make it easy for customers to reach out to you through multiple channels like email, phone, and social media. When responding to customer inquiries, be polite and professional, and try to resolve their issues as quickly as possible.

Be polite and professional

When interacting with customers, it’s important to be polite and professional. Do not lose your cool/temper quickly and empathise with the customer in order to understand the issue better. Use proper grammar and spelling in your communications, and avoid using slang or offensive language. Remember that you are representing your company, and your interactions with customers can have a big impact on their perception of your business.

Resolve issues quickly

When a customer has an issue, it’s important to resolve it as quickly as possible. Offer refunds or exchanges if necessary, and make sure to follow up with customers after their issue has been resolved to ensure their satisfaction. This will show customers that you value their business and are committed to providing excellent customer service.

12. Use Upselling and Cross-Selling techniques

Upselling and cross-selling are two techniques that can help you increase your online sales. Upselling is when you offer customers a more expensive or premium version of a product they are already interested in. Cross-selling is when you suggest related or complementary products to the one they are considering.

Analyse customer data

Start by looking at your customer data to see what products they have purchased in the past. This will help you identify patterns in their purchasing behaviour and understand what products they are interested in.

Make targeted recommendations

Once you have analysed your customer data, you can start making targeted product recommendations. For example, if a customer has purchased a camera from your website, you could recommend a camera bag or a tripod.

Offer discounts and bundles

Another way to use upselling and cross-selling is to offer discounts and bundles. For example, if a customer is considering purchasing a laptop, you could offer them a bundle that includes a laptop case and a mouse at a discounted price.

13. Implement abandoned cart recovery

Have you ever added items to your online shopping cart but then left the website without completing your purchase? That’s called an abandoned cart. Abandoned cart recovery is a technique that online stores use to remind customers about the items they left behind and encourage them to finish their purchases.

How does abandoned cart recovery work?

When you leave items in your cart and don’t complete your purchase, the online store can send you an email reminding you about the items you left behind. The email usually includes pictures and descriptions of the items, as well as a link to go back to your cart and complete your purchase.

How can you implement abandoned cart recovery?

If you have an online store, you can implement abandoned cart recovery by setting up an email system that sends reminders to customers who have left items in their carts. Here are some tips to make your abandoned cart recovery emails effective:

  • Send emails promptly

Send the email as soon as possible after the customer has left their cart. This will increase the chances that they will still be interested in the items they left behind.

  • Use compelling subject lines and preview text

Make sure your subject line and preview text are interesting and encourage customers to open your email. You can use humour, urgency, or curiosity to grab their attention.

  • Include high-quality images and product descriptions

Use high-quality images and detailed product descriptions to remind customers about the items they left behind. This will help them remember why they were interested in the items in the first place.

14. Continuously Monitor and Improve

If you want to be successful in selling things online, you need to keep an eye on how your website is doing. One way to do this is by using Google Analytics 4. This tool helps you see how many people are visiting your website/app, what they are looking at, and how long they are staying.

Another way to improve your online sales is by listening to what your customers have to say. If they leave reviews or give you feedback, pay attention to what they are saying. If you notice a pattern in their comments, you can make changes to your products or services to make them better.

By continuously monitoring and improving your online sales strategies, you can make sure that your business stays ahead of the competition and keeps growing.

We can help you establish strategies important to optimise your eCommerce store and help you increase revenue.

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