Website Personalisation Agency

Delivering personalised digital experiences for your customers.

A personalised website experience has a higher conversion rate than a typical user experience for each customer. Give your audience a personal touch by knowing their needs, which will help you achieve better ROI for your business.


    With our free conversion assessment, you can unlock your website’s full potential and begin making data-driven decisions to succeed right away.

    What is Personalisation and why is it important?

    Personalisation is the ability to provide dynamic and unique experiences to each individual and context across channels in a seamless manner, thereby propelling both growth and value. To succeed in this new world and rise above your competitors, you must make personalisation your new brand mantra. Understanding what a customer wants, and more importantly, why they want a product or service, is the key to selling more and to the right customers.

    Almost 90% of online businesses have already invested in personalisation and are seeing impressive long-lasting results. If you are among the 10% who have not yet invested in it, now is the time to do so.


    • An improved customer experience that is more relevant
    • Product recommendations that tie back to your customer needs
    • Improved ROI and LTV (lifetime value) from new or returning visitors
    • Increased brand loyalty and happy customers (NPS scores)

    Why DigitXL

    We assist our clients to identify important audience segments and journeys, and quick wins for the team.

    We use consumer behaviour analysis, path mapping, and UI/UX skills to improve the customer experience and deliver personalisation using marketing automation or websites.

    Give insights into consumer behaviour to aid in the creation of new products and marketing initiatives

    We provide detailed testing and validation support to verify the hypothesis.

    We are a data-focused team, meaning we are always measured and are working to improve your KPIs.

    Services under personalisation


    Conduct Analysis – Customer identity match score analysis between online & offline channels.


    Create Persona – Creating customer personas based on the behaviour – their likes, dislikes, needs, background, etc


    Deliver – Deliver an omnichannel personalised experience on websites, marketing channels or apps.


    Build Connection – Connect with your valuable customers with the right marketing offers, content or product recommendations


    Optimise Experience – Delivering personalisation within the context of the digital experience, for example, by taking into account the user’s location, recent events, and/or the season.


    A/B Test – A/B Testing to validate the hypothesis and understand how best to draw them towards closing the sale.

    Strategy tailored to your customer needs

    Whatever your strategy is for enabling personalised customer service, the consumer must always come first. Adding value to your tailored communications can mean the difference between receiving a spam complaint and gaining a devoted client. Your customers should actually find value in the offers and messaging you deliver them.