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DigitXL is a Melbourne-based SEO agency, with over 15+ years of experience in providing professional SEO services. Our SEO experts know what it takes to get your desired search results by staying on top of Google’s ever-changing algorithms, and ensuring your website has the competitive edge to get ranked on Google, Bing & major search engines.

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What we do

Why should you choose Digitxl as your preferred Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) partner?

Data-led SEO strategy

We understand data and create customised strategies specific to achieve your business goals. Our goal is to not only improve your online visibility but also conversions. We build detailed BI dashboards to get all SEO insights in one place including bounce rates, click-through rates, keyword rankings and conversions.

Technical expertise

Our team has technical expertise in delivering on-page & off-page SEO strategies, ensuring both your website and customer experience are optimised which can deliver top SERP results.

Dedicated team

We provide a dedicated team of SEO experts who provide ongoing consulting to your digital marketing or analytics teams. For large enterprises, we can also provide on-demand SEO resourcing for the term of your project or temporarily backfill a position until

Our 5-step SEO process

We follow a proven 5 step SEO process to increase your online presence.


Your business is our business

Our journey begins with consultation meetings to understand your business goals & create ideal customer profiles. This includes setting up detailed planning sessions with business owners or in-house SEO teams.


Keyword research

Our SEO experts will research and provide a list of profitable keyword
recommendations, helping us acquire quality organic traffic for your business and reach your potential customers.


Strategy implementation

We deploy an ongoing process to achieve your SEO goals. Our team will perform a detailed SEO audit, competitor analysis and create reporting to provide ongoing SEO campaign insights.


Post-implementation review

We deploy an ongoing process to achieve your SEO goals. Our team will perform a detailed SEO audit, competitor analysis and create reporting to provide ongoing SEO campaign insights.


Value creation

We deploy an ongoing process to achieve your SEO goals. Our team will perform a detailed SEO audit, competitor analysis and create reporting to provide ongoing SEO campaign insights.

Did you know?


Every day, Google receives about 13 billion search enquiries.


Every second, 91,144 searches are conducted on Google.

% Queries

Around 33% of mobile Google queries are connected to the location.

out of 10 buyers

8 out of 10 buyers use Google Maps to find a store’s location.


Digitxl team can help you with the current setup of the google analytics audit & also create advanced
measurement strategies. Below are some questions that our customers often ask.

SEO is an acronym for Search engine optimisation, which is a process of improving the website domain authority, content quality and ranking on search engines. SEO can help you to increase the search engine visibility of your web pages when your customers arelooking specifically for your products or services.

There are multiple data sources that you can use to analyse your SEO performance such as Google Search Console, Google Analytics, Google My Business, ranking analysis tools (like Moz, Semrush etc.) and many more. You can pull all this data into the data studio or preferred BI dashboard to analyse holistic SEO performance and how it has contributed to your digital marketing strategies.

SEO can help you to bring the right customers to your website without the need to pay for Google Ads. Google Ads can help you drive quick traffic but is not a long-term solution. Once you exhaust your budget with Google Ads, your link will no longer be visible on Google.

On the other hand, SEO costs nothing. Once optimised, your website will appear on Google 24×7. We don’t have to keep paying for the traffic acquired from the organic search. This makes SEO an essential digital marketing channel for your business growth. Saying that you may have to hire a consultant or digital marketing agency to optimise your organic visibility.
There are many tools that can provide insights on what keywords are being searched on Google, Bing or even platforms like Amazon. Google Keyword Planner, SemRush, Ahrefs etc are some popular platforms which can help you find the targeted keywords to grow your online business. You can also get insights on competitive keywords, search trends and costs per click if you choose to run a paid Ad for these keywords.
At Digitxl, we provide data-driven & personalised strategies to our client. Every website and business is different. A one size fits all solution is not necessarily the best solution for all websites, which differentiates us from our competitors. We believe in building long- term relations with our clients, by driving continuous value to their business. Our consultants ensure that your SEO strategy is proactively updated based on the changing search engine algorithms.

We can provide virtual or in-person consultations to Australian business and international clients. We also have offices in Melbourne (head office), Sydney & Adelaide for local support.

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