Data Visualisation

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Decisions, predictions, and forecasts can now be made effortlessly with proper analysis and real-time information.

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“It may be quite intimidating for businesses to learn the data in order to make informed decisions in this vast ocean of information that the internet holds. Companies might lose a lot of money or fall behind their competitors if they don’t know where to start, how CRO influences the brand, and how to leverage it. We want to assist you here by reducing the noise and presenting the genuine stories that your data was attempting to tell you.” – Tapan Patel (Founder – DigitXL)

Services we provide under Data Visualisation

Digital Performance Dashboard

We at DigitXL are equipped and skilled in creating high-quality interactive dashboards that allow users to easily combine data from many sources and deeply explore and analyse the data from a single source.

Marketing Analytics Dashboards

We can create marketing KPI (Key Performance Indicators) dashboards as an analytics tool for marketing and sales teams. It allows you to track and report on online marketing performance which in turn informs marketing strategy and how to achieve business objectives.

BI Implementation and Reporting

Our experts have vast experience deploying enterprise-wide data analytics systems and optimising current systems. We can do full-scale installations, modifications, report automation, technical updates and setups, and design for self-service across the organisation.

Mobile app Dashboards

Our Mobile App Dashboard gives you a high-level perspective of how your app is working, with widget-based overviews highlighting where requests originate as well as a range of crucial performance data. We also compile a collection of aggregated usage data by device, carrier, connection type, operating system version, app version, and so on.

eCommerce Dashboards

The e-commerce dashboard is a real-time visual representation of your store’s most valuable metrics and KPIs. We help you keep track of important eCommerce metrics like average order value, conversion rate, revenue, revenue by channel, transactions, users, etc. to gain a deeper understanding of how visitors are using your e-commerce website.


 Charts, tables, graphs, maps, infographics, and dashboards are the most common categories. Every day, new avenues for a more creative and effective way to observe data are introduced, so technically there are an infinite number of visualisation aids.

No one can anticipate that everyone will comprehend data analysis in large data sets as well as data analysts do because it is a challenging procedure. The simplest approach to explain analytic results to anyone is through data visualisation. You can speed up your business by properly visualising information.

A tool for deriving insights from corporate data is business analytics. Based on the findings of this investigation, you can assess your operation and make choices. BI solutions employ data dashboards and charts to visualise insights into your business.

Data visualisation dashboards are thought to be the most engaging and dynamic data visualisation solution that offers numerous types of data analysis quickly for your business-critical data.

Data analysis is the process of converting data into information. As a result of this research, data collection can be simplified. When using data visualisation software, results like these are more likely to make sense. As a result, you can represent specific information with simple, clear images.

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