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Digitxl team has done a fantastic job of managing and organising all our data inputs which have greatly improved our marketing efforts. In a short time, we will be able to offer even greater personalized messaging to our customers which will improve conversions. Our consultant is a great communicator and is very concise with his work. I would highly recommend the Digitxl team. We will continue to work with them in the future.


Director & Co-Founder

Our Digitxl consultant has helped us to automate our Adobe Analytics & datalayer implementation by working with our DevOps teams. Data quality has improved dramatically with our new event-based datalayer, helping us to build trust in our data & confidently share the insights with our teams.

Energy Australia

Digital Analytics Manager

We recently engaged the Digitxl team to measure our ecommerce funnels and marketing campaigns, extracting all the data into data studio dashboard. It has helped us to see how we are tracking and where we need to optimise our marketing efforts. While there is still plenty to do, I am confident that we are now on the right path with the help of Digitxl. I would recommend them to any business who are looking to gain visibility of their digital marketing performance and improve their online presence.”

EBOS Group

Marketing Director

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