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Our analytics consultants specialise in using data to analyse, visualise, and optimise digital assets; including websites, mobile apps, and marketing channels. We can support your analytics requirements as independent consultants or by providing the right resourcing to expedite your projects.

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    Analytics is one of the most critical aspects of digital strategy. At Digitxl, we use various technologies including Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, Heat maps, and Tag Management systems to capture the right digital data. We create meaningful analytics reports using this data, that can provide insights and optimisation opportunities for your business.

    Analytics Services


    Every business must have some sort of Analytics strategy, which can help you to measure as well as optimise the digital assets & marketing campaigns. Without a proper analytics strategy, it is very difficult to understand if your digital performance is on the right track. It is like throwing darts with a blindfold.

    Analytics strategy can build a high performing ecosystem that can drive continous optimisation and personalisation for your customers; and enhance your digital transformation.

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    Digital Analytics helps you better understand your digital performance by analysing quantitative and qualitative data. It covers a wide analytics ecosystem namely
    web analytics, marketing analytics, mobile app analytics, offline data analytics (call center or store data analysis), and much more. In simple terms, it drives business growth by delivering actionable insights and strategies to optimise your digital portfolio. Learn more about digital analytics services offered by our agency.

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    Our Analytics implementation experts work with your team to define the overall measurement strategy. i.e what and how your digital data needs to be collected on your platforms to help you make informed business decisions. We are Google Analytics & Adobe analytics certified experts and can help you from the initial discovery to the implementation phase. Read more about our tagging processes.

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    As an Analytics agency, we strongly believe that a good report should be self-explanatory and tell the story in the first glance. As a result, we use various data visualisation techniques and tools to report our data in the simplest manner. We can help you build and deliver reporting dashboards using some of the most popular reporting platforms, including Tableau, Data Studio, Power BI, and Dataroma. Our focus is to provide you a holistic view of your performance, by using online and offline data sources.

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    Analytics Strategy Stages

    Our analytics strategy is delivered in 5 stages

    Step 1


    In this stage, we work with your business to understand the current stage of your digital journey, and finalise the outcomes we want to achieve from your digital portfolio

    Step 2


    Using analytics tools like google analytics or adobe analytics, we will help you measure the performance of your portfolio and digital marketing campaigns

    Step 3


    We help you to create visual dashboards to portray your digital performance and drive actionable insights using tools like Tableau, Data studio, Dataroma, etc.

    Step 4


    We read and analyse your digital data to understand the discrepancies and anomalies that can negatively impact your business results.

    Step 5


    Using data analytics, our anayltics team can deliver optimisation recommendations and ensure your customers are really satisfied with your digital user experience.

    Digital Analytics

    Digital Analytics can help you deliver the full potential from your digital ecosystems including websites, apps, and marketing channels. As a leading Digital analytics agency, we can provide a wide range of services to your internal teams, including consulting and resourcing support. We are an Adobe and Google certified digital agency with extensive experience in digital analytics and optimisation. Our partnerships with Google, Adobe, Observe point, Contentsquare, and other leading organisations can help accelerate your digital transformation roadmap.

    Web Analytics Audit & Implementation

    Heatmap Analytics

    Adwords & Marketing Analytics

    Facebook & Social Media Analytics

    Internal Search Analytics

    Funnel dropout analytics

    Email & Mobile App analytics

    Customer Segmentation & Audience Targeting

    Our Tag Implementation Process


    Audit current data collection process and reporting across key user journeys

    Solution Design

    Create analytics solution design (documetation) & tagging strategy


    Defining datalayer and data attributes to be captured in your ecosystem

    Tag Manager

    Deploying tag management
    solutions ( e.g. Google Tag Manager, Adobe Launch, Ensighten or Tealium)

    Data Collection

    Tagging key events & dimensions that can be used for analysis.


    Deploying data governance model using tools like observepoint and setting up alerts


    We have helped multiple small businesses to large enterprises to strategize and implement their analytics strategies. Contact us to discuss your analytics requirements.