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Tag Your Way to Better Data Collection.

Collecting consistent data across websites, apps, and digital marketing platforms is a major objective for all developing digital and marketing teams. At Digitxl, we help our clients with Google Tag Manager strategy, solution design, and implementation.

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    Benefits of engaging our team for GTM implementation

    Competitive edge

    We have years of experience defining data collections and utilising tag manager services like GTM, Adobe Launch, Tealium and more. Our GTM & GA tools can help teams build a competitive edge by improving customer pain points and building loyalty.

    Advanced Tag Configuration

    We can help your team to deploy custom solutions and integrations giving you the ability to collect user data or behavioural data in custom events or built-in variables; as well as deploy Server-side tagging to address the recent cookie challenges.

    Automating Data collection & cost savings

    Using our datalayer strategy and tag configuration process, we can automate your data collection process. This will give you the ability to capture the event data automatically, with minimum testing and configuration efforts.

    Agency Consulting Or Dedicated On-Demand Resourcing Model

    We can help your project team as independent consultants or provide a full-time project resource, who is dedicated for the term of your project. Our team works in an agile environment and will be working closely with your internal teams to execute the delivery roadmap.

    Tag Governance

    Deploy a reliable tag release process, which can assist your team is closely monitoring the tags and data being shared with third parties. This will also help you prepare for GDPR challenges and page load speed-related concerns in the future.

    Google Tag Manager

    We provide a broad array of Google Tag Manager consulting services including

    Integration of Google Tag Manager with your website & marketing ecosystem

    Collaborating with your marketing team to deploy third-party marketing tags

    Datalayer strategy & execution, by working with your internal development teams.

    Datalayer strategy & execution, byworking with your internal development teams.

    Audit your existing Google Tag Manager configuration, rules & variables

    Defining data collection approach using built-in variables, event data objects, custom parameters, trigger conditions, and more.


    Digitxl team can help you with the current setup of the google analytics audit & also create advanced
    measurement strategies. Below are some questions that our customers often ask.

    Google Tag Manager is a simple tool to manage tags, marketing pixels, or code snippets (JavaScript) that may be used across websites or mobile apps to transfer data to third-party applications (e.g. Google Analytics, Facebook, email etc.). It has a very simple user interface, helping marketing teams to manage tags with minimum developer dependency. The Google Tag Manager has three key components:
    • Tags : Javascript snippets or tracking pixels
    • Triggers : Informs Tag manager on how, when, and where to fire a tag.
    • Variables : data (or attributes) for the tag and trigger to work effectively. We can use a variable template or define custom variable types.

    GTM has seamless integration with analytics & marketing platforms like Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook, Linkedin, and many other third-party tags. There are 100s of variable templates and documentation available online to train your team.


    Implementing GTM scripts is fairly simple, and can reduce the development or testing efforts for the teams. It has a free version that can be sufficient for most small to mid-tier businesses. GTM allows you to manage all of your tags from a single user interface.


    The most important benefit is you can create standardized event name conventions and send consistent data across all platforms.

    Implementation depends on the scale and size of your website or application. Small implementations can be completed within a day whereas large implementations can take 3-6 months depending on the complexity of the applications. You can test if the tracking code snippets are working or not using a preview mode or debugging tool. It usually takes around 24-46 hours to start seeing the data in your Google Analytics property.

    To set up event tracking, conversion triggers, and custom variables, you must have technical knowledge about GTM. If you’re going to use Facebook pixels or conversion APIs, you must have a basic understanding of how they work. Without training and experience, it is not advisable to deploy Google Tag Manager on the live website. Incorrect use of the GTM tool may result in broken URLs, marketing tags, and even data collection issues. DigitXL has a certified team of Google Tag Manager experts, that can help you create the most effective GTM properties including the setup, monitoring, and upgrades.  

    GTM can be used to track a lot of behavioural and marketing performance data. For e.g.,
    goal conversion tracking, marketing campaign tracking, form error tracking (API or
    validation errors), phone call tracking, eCommerce tracking & much more.

    No, unless you are using Google Tag Manager 360. It also requires minimal developer support. However, to avoid any website damage, it is recommended that you obtain proper training on how to deploy the GTM code to your website pages. You can deal with all of your tags yourself, saving time and money!

    The biggest difference with GTM is it has a free license and plenty of documents to support analytics implementation. Below are some other tag managers that are often used by large organisations:

    • Adobe Launch :
      Only available for websites that use Adobe Experience Cloud (AEC) products like Adobe Analytics, Adobe Target, Adobe Audience Manager etc. Adobe launch is a viable solution because of the seamless integration with Adobe solutions and comes at no extra cost.
      Unlike Google Tag Manager, it is not a free product and is only available if you have a paid AEC license.
    • Ensighten :
      Ensighten features a well-designed architecture that allows for quick page loading. Furthermore, Manage separates the code from the conditions, allowing for the reuse of conditions. Data governance and GDPR compliance are easy to monitor and enforce using Ensighten’s Privacy solution. Ensighten Manage also has a price tag attached to it.
    • GTM :
      Google Tag Manager (GTM) is a program developed by Google. GTM’s integrations with other Google products, such as Google Analytics, Google AdWords, Google Surveys, and Google Optimize, are one of its most powerful features. GTM is available in two versions: a free version for individuals and small to medium enterprises and a paid version for corporate applications.
    • Tealium IQ :
      Over 1,000 pre-built tag templates and partner connectors are available in Tealium IQ tag management. Tealium IQ is a paid tag
      manager as well.

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