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Digitxl crafts dynamic marketing analytics strategies across diverse sectors. We collaborate with clients to improve their Lifetime Value(LTV), customer retention, loyalty, and campaign performance having a positive effect on marketing performance.

Why DIGITXL can be your answer to Marketing Analysis?

Marketing has evolved into a data-driven discipline. Analytics is essential, enabling reporting of the past, current analysis, and future predictions. Data-driven insights maximise marketing’s ROI, offering profound customer trend insights. Marketing and analytics together identify target audiences, enhancing engagement and loyalty. Digitxl boasts a decade of experience in creating effective marketing analytics strategies, helping clients optimise customer experience for increased retention and loyalty, ultimately boosting lifetime value.

Services we provide under Marketing Analytics

1 GA4 migrations

Google has discontinued Universal Analytics, with the properties ceasing to process new data from July 1, 2023. Google Analytics 4 (GA4) was released in reaction to this. Google recommended that all customers move to the latest version as soon as possible to have a vault of historical data.

At DigitXL, we provide skilled GA4 migration services to assist your smooth transition from GA3 to GA4 which is a key step in Marketing Analysis. Our migration experts will help you guarantee a smooth transfer so you can keep collecting vital data and measuring your progress with Google Analytics.

2 Web analytics Audits & Integration

In the evolving web analytics landscape, deeper customer behaviour insights are vital. Brands, both established and emerging, must embrace systematic analytics to understand customer journeys. Our marketing analytics experts provide insights into growth areas and data quality, enhancing your online presence.


A robust website tracking solution is invaluable. We start with an audit, optimising tracking and mapping tags. We can update tags for Google Analytics or migrate them to Google Tag Manager, ensuring consistent, data-rich performance. Our audits create a roadmap for Tag Manager implementation.

3 Marketing Pixels Deployment using Tag Manager

Want to optimise your marketing efforts? Google Tag Manager simplifies deploying and managing pixels. It’s a leading tag management solution that centralizes conversion tracking, retargeting, and other pixel tags. No manual code edits needed. Preview and publish changes easily. Manage all tags in one platform, reducing errors. Gain insights faster with automatic pixel firing and comprehensive analytics. Seamlessly integrates with Google Analytics and other tools. Streamline implementation and improve campaigns with Google Tag Manager.


Contact us for efficient deployment and actionable insights. Our Google Tag Manager experts set up containers and tags for accurate tracking and reporting.

4 Dashboards - The Single source of truth reporting dashboard for your business.

Data Visualisation and Dashboards simplify complex data interpretation and decision-making. Google Data Studio is your source of truth, offering a unified interface for in-depth data analysis. It compiles data from Google Ads, Google Analytics 4, Shopify, Hubspot and more providing collective insights for better business decisions.


Collaborate with Digitxl’s Google Data Studio specialists to establish and provide training, guaranteeing that reports are tailored to your business requirements. Our custom dashboards focus on your key metrics, transforming data from various channels into interactive visuals. Monitor goals, identify opportunities, and predict demand effectively with Digitxl by your side.

5 Attribution Modelling

DigitXL is your connection between marketing attribution and customer segmentation. We create smart attribution rules that distribute revenue across various touchpoints, adjusting to changing customer behaviors. This strategy relies on data analysis and measurement to optimise marketing efforts and maximise ROI.


Additionally, our proficiency in Customer Acquisition Strategy helps you fine-tune your marketing strategies, reaching out to specific customer segments with in-depth profiles. This combination enhances product delivery, content marketing, sales outreach, customer relationships, and brand recognition. Our strategic insights provide a comprehensive way to optimize your marketing efforts.

6 SEO Data Analytics

Effective SEO reporting is essential for demonstrating results to both clients and management, all while conserving valuable time and resources. Analyzing SEO data provides valuable insights into the performance of your content, your website’s traffic, and how to boost conversion rates and ROI. It’s not just about securing a top spot on the first page; it’s about enhancing user experiences and content relevance.

At Digitxl, our SEO experts are committed to ensuring your website excels in the ever-evolving world of search algorithms. Our comprehensive BI dashboards consolidate key SEO insights, covering metrics like bounce rates, click-through rates, keyword rankings, and conversions. 


According to the website ‘conversionsXL,’ the figures listed below speak it all.

  • Only 2% of businesses link lead generation to sales KPIs.
  • 15% of businesses do not measure ROI (Return on Investment)
  • 1 in 4 businesses relies on ‘manager judgments’ to make decisions.
  • 25% of all marketing teams have no idea how to incorporate data into their decision-making process.

So now, let us understand what marketing analytics actually is – Marketing analytics is the practice of combining data and technology to create measurable KPIs and data-driven marketing actions. Marketing analytics’ primary job is to integrate business indicators such as ROI and marketing attribution into the foundation of the marketing game.

Marketing analytics results in a higher return on investment. It boosts lead generation by giving the knowledge required to optimise brand awareness and target the most effective customers. Greater sales result in a higher ROI. Marketing data analysis gives important insights on customer behaviour.

Marketing analytics adds value, resulting in higher returns on marketing spending by including well-formed decisions using marketing metrics and analytics. It also reduces operational expenses and increases efficiency. By offering a single platform for reporting across all channels, the entire process is simplified. Furthermore, such an integrated analytics strategy has the potential to cut variable marketing costs.

Putting data at the heart of your decision-making process needs more than just cutting-edge technology and smart automation systems. A tool can provide you with real-time numbers, but the most difficult difficulty for any business is building a relationship between data and extracting an action.

Finding specialists that can not only analyse data but also extract vital insights is one of the most difficult difficulties CMOs confront. Although data analysts are competent to examine data, marketing teams are constantly in need of a consultant that has knowledge in both analytics and marketing strategy. I’d like to explain some of the major duties of marketing analytics consultants and how they may assist stakeholders in solving business difficulties.

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